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A lovely teardrop shaped bottle, describe in feminine terms as soft, reassuring and poetical. A maple leaf is gently embossed on its “shoulder”, mimicking a perfume bottle.

The descriptive term ”poetical” was used by the manufacturer in his description.  I wondered why.  The following explanation is mere conjecture on my part as a result of my investigation. I found a connection between the literal meaning of the word “tarquin” itself and the name given to this delicate bottle.  A “tarquin” is an obnoxious, arrogant person, of middle or upper class origin, whose notable habit includes pursual of women by pretending to be interested in “poetry.” An appropriately interesting name to have been given in the designing of this bottle, one that reflects, not one, but two of the most desirable gifts any woman may have wanted to receive, once upon a time, from a man in pursuit of her, a poem and perfume… in a teardrop shape bottle no less.  Now that I have nearly bored you to tears..we move on.

Tarquina is filled with 100ml (about ½c) of our own 100% pure Grade A amber color and rich flavor maple syrup, sealed with a black screw lid, foil cap and hang tag.

Gentlemen, this would make the most lovely gift to your girlfriend, fiancé, sister or mother, or beloved on any occasion. She may choose to refill it with her favorite perfume, perhaps one given by you.

I might also suggest that you couple it with perfume or a copy of this interesting book I ran across while investigating, an autobiography written by Celia Lyttelton, entitled “The Scent Trail”. It is a travel memoir which charts the author’s journey as she explores the magic and history behind the ingredients of her own bespoken perfume.