Maple Cream

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This confection is also called maple spread, or maple cream, or maple butter. It spreads like peanut butter and is like a very soft fudge.

Maple cream is made using ONLY our own 100% pure Grade A golden color and delicate taste syrup. We do not use cream or butter to produce this product, despite the fact that it has been called maple cream and/or maple butter by some. The syrup is heated, cooled, stirred and then poured into a sand tone colored or gray  plastic container with sealed tamper resistant black lid and gold label.

The container can be stored and kept indefinitely at room temperature in a dark cool place if unopened. However, I advocate that it should be kept in the refrigerator even before it is opened, or in the freezer, until you are ready to use it. Refrigerated after opening. It is normal for syrup to settle at the top of the container, do not be alarmed, simply stir it, and/or place the container, without the lid, in the microwave for a FEW seconds to make it even creamier.

Delicious on pancakes, crackers, bagels, toast, waffles, croissants, icing on cookies and cake, glaze for ham and sweet potatoes, mix with peanut butter and chocolate! Use your imagination!