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After much investigation, I have come to a reasonable conclusion that the name of this elegant bottle might be traced back to what may have been its original use, to contain a cherry liquor that was made from Maraschino cherries. Maraschino means, literally, “little sour cherry” and is of particular interest to me as all my ancestors came to America from Italy, and, my maiden name is Marasco, meaning “little sour cherry”. We have been told by our grandparents and parents that our name just that, “little sour cherry”, but no one thought to ask why? Were my ancestors somehow involved in the process of making this liquor, or growers or laborers picking the cherries? As a result of my on going research I have discovered that there are glass companies in Italy which make a high quality glass called Cristallo, one meaning of which is  “crystal”.  To add to the wonder of it all, Cristallo is my father’s middle name as well as our younger son’s. It goes without saying that this is my most favorite piece of glassware. Whether or not the bottles we sell our syrup in were manufactured in Italy or Chile, we do not know yet. I continue to trace the place where these are manufactured.

Regardless, this elegant and beautifully etched glass bottle with a tree, falling leaves, and a bucket, is a great bottle to display your syrup within.

It is available in two sizes. The 500ml (2 c) bottle is about 10½ inches tall, 2½ inches square. The 250ml (1 c) bottle measures about 9” tall, 2” square. Both are capped with a black screw cap, foil cap and a hang tag attached.

Refillable or use as a salad dressing or oil container to decorate your table.

Makes an elegant wedding or anniversary gift.